How our ChewTabs Work

Designed to work one of the most prominent and attractive muscles, our ChewTabs™ will be the perfect addition to your beauty and health regiment.

Why ChewTabs?

One Purpose - Grow Jaw Muscles Workout Anywhere Safe Material
Get your jaw tired after just 10 minutes of chewing. Do it often and as a result your face will look much more masculine and defined rendering you more confident in your everyday appearance. Home, work, gym, traffic, shower, walking your dog, watching a movie, cooking, cleaning apartment, grocery shopping, tying your shoes, thinking about life, etc. You got the idea.   We care for you.
Made out of the highest quality food-grade silicone, our ChewTabs™ are designed with your safety in mind.


The Science Behind the ChewTabs


Masseter is the muscle which is responsible for closing your jaw. With our ChewTabs you train this muscle and make it pop, the same way you train your biceps- or at least we hope you do!

With regular practice masseter grows in size, just like any other muscle in your body. When it grows it gives you an appearance of having a bigger and wider jaw.


The temporomandibular (yeah, we don't know how to pronounce that either) joint is not fixed in place and gets out of the socket when the mouth is open wide. It can only handle a lot of pressure when it is in the socket, which is when your mouth is only slightly opened. With our ChewTabs we wanted to avoid any potential injuries to the joint which is why we went with the design that only allows you to put pressure on the joint when it is safely positioned in the joint socket.


Our ChewTabs make you use the molar teeth which nature gave you to handle big loads. You are using these teeth to break tough foods like meat, carrots, apples, and etc.