Exercises and Sets

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Using the ChewTabs™ for Maximum Benefit 

For the best results and maximum benefit, we recommend that you use the exercises described below for 2 days and then take a day off. The routine should take you around 10 minutes, completing 3-5 sets during one session. Be sure to rest your jaws for 1-2 minutes in between the sets. And always rinse your ChewTabs™ before and after training sessions for safety.

How to use the ChewTabs™ properly (the British way)

Proper Placement: Place a Sculpted ChewTab on the back teeth, one on each side. You should use the last 2-3 molars for the best grip and position.

First Exercise: Squeeze your jaws fully, holding for one second and then releasing. Repeat this exercise for around 2 minutes. You will really feel your masseter muscles getting worked and tired.

Second Exercise: Squeeze around 40-50 times without pausing and be sure to breath properly.

Third Exercise: Squeeze down on yourChewTabs™ and hold for 30 seconds and then take a 1-minute break after that.

These three exercises are the entire set. We recommend that you do these exercises 3-5 times in a session for maximum benefit.

Once you have completed the session, be sure to wash yourChewTabs™ and place them back in the container to keep them clean.

Note: These are only our recommendations for beginning your journey with Sculpted ChewTabs™. Once you are used to the feeling and feel your jaws are ready to take on more, you can safely deviate from the routine described above and see what works for you. Please don't overwork your jaws to prevent injuries.