Do you have a beard and want to bring out your jawline? Here are some styles you should consider.

the perfect beard types to accentuate jawline

 If it's too late to start working out, eating right, or growing your hair out, when it comes to looking like a million bucks, but one thing that you can definitely do is get a good makeover at the salon. 

Getting your beard game on point can make you look like a different person altogether, and it only makes sense to start the year on a 'good-looking note' - if such a thing exists. read: it does exist.

After doing a little bit of research, we found out that every man wants his jawline to look sharp, because that makes your face look sexier. Besides, an integral part of male beauty is taking care of yourself and if you're doing that then you're doing a good job!

Now, two things hold true regardless of whether you spend an hour in front of the mirror or just brush your beard in two-strokes. First off, beards have a remarkable capacity to alter how the rest of the world perceives you. Second, they may assist you in chiseling your jawline to make you appear and feel stronger, which boosts your confidence obscenely.

Keeping that in mind, we listed out 8 beard styles that will make that happen, irrespective of whether or not you have a sharp jawline, to begin with:

The Hollywoodian

Popularized by: Senator Ted Cruz

The Hollywoodian is a timeless style befitting all settings and seasons. It’s one of those styles that look amazing, even in grey! We went around and took a poll. Trust us when we say this: it can turn any old guy into a stone-cold silver fox!

This beard style's standout characteristic is a long beard with neatly cropped sideburns. To balance out a rounder face, you might also decrease the cheek lines. Alternately, leave them raised to accentuate a triangle face shape.

The Hollywoodian also doesn't add width to your jawline making square faces more oval. However, patience is key as it takes time to grow so much facial hair. 

The Garibaldi

Popularized by: Corner McGregor

Do you feel self-conscious about your triangle-shaped face? This look is ideal for covering up your chin so that people's attention is drawn to your eyes and other finer face features.

The thick, bushy beard that curls up at the bottom is the Garibaldi's most distinguishing trait. Your jawline will appear more defined as a result of this. Also, a moustache that hangs loosely looks better.

The only drawback is that it takes this style a few months to develop. To keep the crumbs out, it also needs to be thoroughly combed. It's worth it, though!

The Van Dyke

Popularized by: Anthony van Dyke

A classic from the 17th century that is currently experiencing a revival is the Van Dyke. The Dutch master painter Anthony van Dyke may be the source of the name. But it is remembered for its depiction on Guy Fawkes masks, a man who came dangerously close to blowing up the Old Bailey (Britain's Parliament) in the 1600s.

The Van Dyke has a twirled moustache and a pointy chinstrap – its' simply whimsical. For the best results, keep a light beard or clip the hair on your cheeks. Given that it doesn't hide your jawline; this look is perfect if you have a square-shaped face.

The Stubble Beard + Mustache

Popularized by: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill

If you have a square face, a short, well-kept moustache is great. This is due to the fact that it gives you a more edgy appearance and highlights your eyes. But adding a moustache can really help!

You appear more serious and motivated when you have a moustache and stubble. In order to master this style, maintenance is essential. You can either save up for regular trips to the barbershop or invest in a high-quality trimmer. However, the procedure is simple, and you may make the stick as light, heavy, or medium as you like.

The Classic Full Beard

Popularized by: James Harden

Given that it complements all facial shapes; this is one of the list's most adaptable trends. James Harden, an NBA player, is a living example of how the technique has transformed him. If you saw a picture of Harden before he let it all grow, you wouldn't recognize the person.

This beard is 2 to 5 inches long, giving it a slightly untidy appearance. However, you can correct this by having a tiny fade on the cheeks and smoothing it out around the jawline. That should even out your sharp features and even out the lines of your face.

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