Simple solution and exercises to improve your jawline

Why is jaw exercise so important?

A defined jawline is the most coveted feature for their facial appearance in men and women because it is a significant indicator of their age, either natural or assumed. A strong, angular jawline symbolizes manliness, whereas a soft jawline expresses refinement in a woman. That's the reason beauty conscious, either personal or professional, never overlook their jawline and practice different jaw exercises and techniques to achieve the perfect look.

How to choose the best jaw exercise for a defined jawline

Strength training helps your jaw muscles to build in the proper way to give you a good appearance. A jawline is your natural structural feature that can't be altered; however, you can expose it by removing the extra fat around your jawline and strengthening the jaw muscles. If you are not born with a prominent jawline, you can achieve this with the help of jaw exercise, which is a non-invasive and easy procedure to shape your jawline.

To begin with any jaw exercise, you must figure out the shape of your jawline and be aware of whether you have a chubby or slender face. If you have a chubby face and a fatty neck, choose an exercise that reduces the fat and enhances the jawline. On the other hand, select exercises that will build and strengthen jaws and facial muscles if you have a slender face.

Stay tuned; we will suggest the best ways to improve your jawline by putting in less effort and time.

Simple jaw exercises

Nose kissing:

This can help you lose some weight from your jawline. You need to pull your tongue outward until your feel bearable stretch and try to reach your nose. Make the solid effort, and you will feel the stretch throughout the entire jawline resulting in fat reduction in the chin and neck area.

Stretching jaw outward: 

Firstly, look up towards the sky and open your mouth. Relax your mouth at a comfortable position, stretch your entire jaw entirely outward, and then return to its original position gently. Do this a couple of times as it helps reduce cheek fat.


It helps in improving the beauty of the jawline. Just keep your mouth close and set the teeth together, then place your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Hold your tongue in this position for maximum time and then relax. In this jaw exercise, you will feel the stretch in the jawline from inside. It is best for those who don't have extra fat on their chin and cheeks and want to define their jawline.

Face yoga:

Face yoga not only improves your jawline but also helps in relaxing your facial and neck muscles. Moreover, it will be amazing if you know about the pressure points on your jawline. The most soothing jaw exercise in face yoga is chin up, perfect for fatty and slender jawlines. Just stand by, keeping your spine straight, then tilt your head backward, looking towards the ceiling. Blow kisses, assuming you are trying to kiss the ceiling, hold this position for maximum seconds, and then relax.

Chew gum: 

Chewing the gum, especially mastic gum, which is ten times harder than the regular gum, adds resistance, strengthens jaw muscles, and could help you attain a better jawline. But you can chew the gum on one side at a time and not be able to balance the number of chews on both sides, which can cause a noticeable asymmetry in your jawline.

The perfect solution of jaw exercise

Sometimes jaw exercise proves futile if not performed appropriately and causes frustration for those keen to have a chiseled jawline. Fortunately, you have the best tool for the perfect jaw exercise in the form of Sculpted ChewTabs to get the modelesque jawline. ChewTabs are a non-invasive treatment that emphasizes defining the jawline if used consistently. It helps in great jaw exercises for everyone at any place.

Why you should invest in Sculpted ChewTabs

The jaw bone is the lower part of your face, holding the weight of the whole face. That's why it has a masseter muscle, the most powerful muscle that can close the jaw with the pressure of 200 pounds. To strengthen them, they need repetitive movement and stress. To better understand how the ChewTabs work, check out this blog too.

The food-grade silicone ChewTabs primarily served to work on the jawline and thrilled you with the physical changes on your face quickly. It is specifically designed and is easily adjustable under your teeth without causing any injury or pain. You can use them anywhere and at any time, even during driving.

How to exercise your jawline with ChewTabs

ChewTabs helps you get the fastest result by regularly spending a few minutes on jaw exercise. It works equally for all kinds of jawlines and feels your masseter muscles getting worked and tired. Therefore, we suggest a few exercises that you can experience according to your needs.

I. 1-sec squeeze

This jaw exercise will work well for beginners or those with a slender jawline. Place a pair of ChewTabs under the molar teeth on both sides, squeeze your jaw thoroughly for one second, and then release. Repeat this exercise for around 2 minutes or up to 60 rep.

II. A Non-stop squeeze

If you have fat on your jawline and chin area, you need a bit more effort. Sit comfortably and squeeze the ChewTabs up to 40-50 times or a bit less without pausing. This continuous open and close jaw movement works best for the double chin and gives you a defined jawline.

III. 30 seconds squeeze

If you want to strengthen your masseter muscles fast, squeeze down on your ChewTabs thoroughly and hold for 30 seconds, then take a break of 60 seconds. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times.

Here are some other exercises as well.

For how long have you used the ChewTabs.

Sculpted ChewTabs are a cost-effective solution; by following the instructions provided and using them with care, you will feel the strength in your masseter muscles without numbness, swelling, and pain. Every individual is unique in their jawline shape, which means that the time needed will vary depending on their personal goals. What's great is that the ChewTabs are reusable, and you can save them in a portable carry case after using and washing. 


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