How to use the ChewTabs

  • Food-Grade Silicon. Safe to Chew.

    Sculpted ChewTabs are made of food-grade silicon. That means that they are safe to put in your mouth ;)

  • Easy to Carry.

    Each pair of ChewTabs comes with a portable carry case that allows you to carry them with you anywhere. 

  • Chew anywhere. Anytime.

    At the gym? Driving the car? Getting ready for a date? Wherever you are, you can use the ChewTabs. Embarrasment free.

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“Used to buy chewing gums, now I have the Chewtabs!”

I received the Sculpted ChewTabs about two months ago and have been using daily for about ten minutes. ngl, I was skeptical in the beginning but seeing the results have been amazing!

- Someone With A Great Jawline